My persian wife introduced me to many joys of her culture: koobideh, carpets, ghormeh sabzi, poetry, and a deep appreciation for gold jewelry.

After she bought me a gold bracelet from the bazaar in Mashad, I was consumed by an interest in how it was created. I had never seen this style of link and was curious about it's origins.  This small curiosity has grown into an obsession taking me around the world in search of the best designers, casters, stones, and metals.

I'm happy to share my findings and creations with you.

My wife and I in early quarantine 
Eternal Life is gained
by utter abandonment of one’s own life.
When God appears to His ardent lover,
the lover is absorbed in Him, and not so much as a hair of the lover remains.
True lovers are as shadows,
and when the sun shines in glory the shadows vanish away.
He is a true lover to God to whom God says
“I am thine and thou art Mine.”